New Release and Collaboration Coming Soon!

We are excited about our new release and collaboration with Anonomis, one of the best hip hop lyricists on the east coast. 

Troll is set to release on Friday, June 15, 2018. Written by NaturalPhil, M-Squared and Anonomis. Mixed and Mastered by Caleb Joel. 

Look for this cover (below) across all music platforms (AppleMusic, Spotify, Soundcloud, Pandora etc.)

Troll Cover.png

The Mood Designers (NaturalPhil and M-Squared) are geared up to collaborate with a number of key artists across the globe in 2018 for a unique artistic experience. One that encompass visual, sound and feeling. You will definitely wan to stay tuned for this blended EDM experience. 

Press Release:


Official Press Release

DATE October 2, 2016




The Mood Designers have been announced as the headline act for RedBull, at this year’s Creative City Project in Downtown Orlando. The event, which takes place on October 15th, will show the Mood Designers; M-Squared and NaturalPHIL, a dj drummer duo take to the stage, adding musical magic to this unique celebration of creativity on the city streets.

Individually regarded as international artists in their own right, their recent collaboration has already received recognition from industry figures. Described by Modern Drummer Magazine as having an “energetic skill and boldness of sound”, this powerful alliance is set for a bright future, setting the tone for a host of occasions through music.

The pair fresh from performing to 90,000 guests at this year’s National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM 2016), the world’s largest music trade event, are now looking forward to bringing their show to their home stage.

No strangers to the big stage, M-Squared, who was born in New York and raised in Orlando, FL, and NaturalPHIL, from Virginia, have performed alongside a number of worldwide artists including Grammy Award-winner Kelly Rowland, 2x platinum recording artist Don Omar and R&B artist Kevin Cossam. Also, featured at the Samsung Brazilian Fest in South Korea and BET’s Master of the Mix.

With a tour very much in their sights, Red Bull and The Creative City Project gives the people of Florida a unique opportunity to see the pair perform, ahead of their first EP, So Lacey expected later this year.

The Creative City Project, established in 2012, aims to celebrate creativity in Orlando, bringing a host of musicians, designers, dancers and visual artists together each fall. The event will see a range of performances during the day, unlocking and revealing the many creative secrets and

stories of Orlando. With the city’s Downtown Development Board now firmly behind the project, the event achieves national and international recognition.

To find out more about The Mood Designers and to stay up to date with news of an EP and tour, check out the website at, like on Facebook (/themooddesigners) and follow on Instagram (@mooddesigners).

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The Mood Designers are Internationally recognized artists M-Squared/NaturalPHIL have performed stages with world renowned acts such as 4x platinum recording artist Kelly Rowland, 2x platinum recording artist Don Omar, BET’s Master of the Mix, Samsung Brazilian Fest in S. Korea and more. DJ M-Squared and NaturalPHIL have uniquely collaborated to create the mood designing drummer/DJ duo. Their very first performance together was pure chemistry and signaled the arrival of a powerful new alliance.

M-Squared was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Orlando, FL.

NaturalPHIL was born in Virginia and has resided in Orlando for the past nine years..

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Instagram: @mooddesigners


Mood Designers Rehearse at the TSM Recording Studio

The Mood Designers are excited to rehearse at TSM Studios for their upcoming Red Bull Performance for the Creative City Project in downtown Orlando on October 15th.  Today will be an epic event with an incredible team of multi talented individuals.

It’s really an honor to be amongst a team that have worked with some of the greatest talents in the world; an avalanche of seasoned and experienced studio engineers. In addition, the equipment is top of the line and the atmosphere is crazy.

This will be the first time they will be collaborating in the studio and so far from seeing the TSM Studio, The Mood Designers have had only positive things to say about it. It’s not hard to see that the Mood Designers are definitely ready to #changethemood, and collaborate in one of the best studios on the East Coast.

Stay tuned for a possible live Facebook update of the Mood Designers getting in tune with TSM Studios.

Don’t forget to let us know how you #changethemood!